Tenant Handbook

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Mail Service

The Building Physical address is:

4400 Post Oak Parkway

Houston, Texas 77027


Individual tenant mailboxes are located in the Five Post Oak Park Mail Room on the first floor, west side near the loading dock. These boxes are for the delivery and distribution of mail from the U.S. Postal Service only. Courier and overnight delivery services should be directed to deliver packages directly to your office. If you need a key for your mailbox or the box itself is in need of repair, please contact the Building Office at 713 623 2705. A mailbox and key will be issued to you on or before your move-in date. All other problems regarding postal deliveries, including misdeliveries, should be directed to the Postal Service supervisor for this area who can be contacted at 713 572 3936 or through a drop box located in the mailroom. A full service post office is located on Timmons between Westheimer and West Alabama 713 572 3936.


Please note that the building staff cannot sign for packages or other deliveries to tenants. If you are expecting a delivery, please make alternate arrangements to have it delivered or picked up upon your return or rerouted to another address.


Overnight Mail

Federal Express, LoneStar and UPS drop boxes are located in the garage on the third level near the elevators. The last pick up is scheduled for 6:00 p.m.




We invite you to learn how to implement your own emergency preparedness plans by using the resources from our PREP website.


Take advantage of additional training and resources to build your knowledge and preparedness. Sign in to Preparis to view the multimedia training presentations.


Become familiar with the life safety information specific to your building and location. Sign in to Building Safety Solutions to view the multimedia presentation that will help you in a crisis event.


Purchase first aid supplies and emergency provisions and sign up for CPR, FA, AED training on our custom order site with corporate pricing, product guidelines, and other tools.