Tenant Handbook

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The Building cleaning specifications require that your office space be cleaned nightly Monday through

Friday, with the exception of building holidays, and that all common areas and restroom facilities throughout the building be maintained to the highest standard of cleanliness. There is no janitorial service on the weekends unless special arrangements have been made thru the management office.


We would like to take this opportunity to request your assistance in maintaining the neat and clean appearance of the building. We would greatly appreciate it if you and your staff immediately reported any cleaning and maintenance problems such as carpet stains, graffiti and lights out in public areas or elevators to the management office.


Nightly Cleaning

  • Sweep or dust mop all hard-surface floors, including Customer spaces, entrance foyers and vestibules, and all public areas, including building corridors; sweep all stone, ceramic tile, marble, terrazzo, asphalt, tile, linoleum, rubber, vinyl, and other types of flooring to insure dust-free floors with special attention given to hard-to-reach areas.
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas and rugs, moving light furniture other than desks, file cabinets, etc.
  • Sweep private stairways and wash as necessary. Vacuum carpeted stairways and dust hand rails, balustrades and stringers.
  • Empty and clean all wastepaper baskets and disposal receptacles, wash ashtrays, sanitary cans, paper towel waste cans, and any other receptacles (damp dusting as necessary); install liners where required.
  • Dust and wipe clean all furniture, fixtures, shelving, desk equipment, telephones, cabinets, and map boards, and clean all glass tables and desktops with impregnated cloths. Computers and similar equipment are excluded from this requirement. Note: Papers and other materials on desks will not be moved by janitorial personnel.
  • Wash and remove all finger marks, smudges, scuff marks, ink stains, gum or foreign matter from glass desk tops, glass table tops, glass table cabinets, glass entrances, private entrances to offices and elevator doors, glass directory boards, metal partitions, and other marks on walls, window sills, and other similar surfaces.
  • Wipe clean and polish all brass, stainless steel and other bright work including exterior metal, using a soft cloth (not paper or other cloths that contain abrasives) and mild cleaning agent.
  • Wipe clean all metal doorknobs, kick plates, directional signs, door saddle, and all metals.
  • Stairwells are cleaned once a week.
  • Scour, wash and disinfect all private basins in all Customer premises throughout the building.
  • Remove wastepaper and refuse to designated area in the building. All wastepaper receptacles to be thoroughly cleaned and washed. All trash not in receptacle should be clearly marked “TRASH or BASURA”.


Periodic Cleaning

  • Wash, wax and/or spray buff weekly all floors as required and apply appropriate approved coating or sealant to maintain luster.
  • Wax all Customer resilient tile flooring not less than every three (3) months so as to maintain a highly polished surface, and strip wax build-up and buff as needed.
  • Wash and wipe clean all baseboards during floor maintenance operations.
  • Clean lights, globes, diffusers and fixtures as required, but not less than once per quarter.
  • Once per week, dust and wash all ventilating louvers within reach.
  • Clean all interior glass partitions as needed, at least weekly.
  • Spot clean carpet.
  • High dusting is to be performed quarterly unless otherwise specified. High dusting will include the following:
  • Vacuum and dust all pictures, frames, charts, graphs, and similar wall hangings not reached in nightly cleaning. Damp dust as required.
  • Vacuum and dust all vertical surfaces such as walls, partitions, doors, ventilating louvers, grilles, high moldings, and other surfaces not reached in nightly cleaning.
  • Dust all below ceiling overhead pipes, sprinkler heads, ventilating and air conditioning louvers, grilles, high moldings and other high areas not reached in nightly cleaning.
  • Dust all window blinds and window frames.
  • Dust exteriors of lighting fixtures.
  • Janitorial staff can also help out with emergency clean-ups of spills. Additional services such as carpet or tile cleaning, brass polishing, refrigerator cleaning, removal and disposal of excessive trash, and other special requests can be provided at additional charge to tenant.




We invite you to learn how to implement your own emergency preparedness plans by using the resources from our PREP website.


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