Tenant Handbook

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Moving Procedures

Below is a list of regulations governing tenant moves within Five Post Oak Park. This list pertains to both move-ins and move-outs that take place. It is used to clarify the building requirements for a more efficient, speedy and less costly tenant move made by various moving companies. These regulations only highlight some of the problem areas that are encountered during a tenant move and are subject to any additions or changes that Building Management feels are warranted.


Each moving company is held personally responsible for all damages done to the building during the time of the move. A certificate of insurance for the moving company must be on file in the Management office.


Important: SRI Nine Five POP, L.P., Shorenstein Realty Services L.P., Shorenstein Properties LLC,

Shorenstein Company LLC, Shorenstein Management Inc., and their respective Members, Partners,

Executive Officers, Directors and Stockholders


Moves are to originate from the loading dock.


The size limitations for trucks entering the loading dock are as follows:

Height: 14’6”


All moves must be scheduled in advance through the management office at 713 623 2705. Moves are scheduled from 5:30pm - 8:30pm and then 10pm - 7am the next day on weekdays and anytime on the weekends or holidays. (Cleaning uses the freight elevator exclusively from 8:30pm - 10pm on weekdays.)

Freight elevator should be reserved by the tenant as soon as possible since they are on a first come, first serve basis.


The freight elevator dimensions are as follows:


Doorway -       Height: 107”

    Width: 48”

Interior -          Height: 120”

    Width: 65”

    Depth: 99”


The moving company’s supervisor must sign-in at the security console on the 2nd floor and distribute badges upon arrival. Any problems relating to the use or operation of the freight elevator should be reported to the Building Security. Upon completing the move the moving supervisor must return all badges to Security and sign-out.


The freight elevator is to be shared with delivery personnel unless prior arrangements for “exclusive use” have been made. The dock doors are not to be propped open at any time.

At no time will passenger elevators be used by any of the movers.

Movers will not frequent any floor other than the floor of the moving tenant, the street level or the loading dock.

Smoking, drinking and eating are prohibited within the building unless done on the loading dock and trash from such must be properly disposed of, but not in the Five Post Oak Park receptacle.

All public floor areas that have granite, carpet or tile and also all corners must be covered during the move.


The covering must either be plywood, masonite or similar material. All corners in corridors, etc. are to be protected also.


When moving tenants into the building, the moving company is responsible for disposing of all moving boxes and cartons that were used during the move. This may necessitate a return trip after the tenant has finished unpacking, and arrangements for pick up should be coordinated with tenant and through building management.


When moving tenants out of the building, movers will remove all trash from the building premises. This includes but is not limited to all discarded furniture, boxes, cartons, periodicals and abandoned office machines. Nothing is to be left behind.


At no time will tenants or movers be allowed to dispose of any form of trash, boxes, or furniture, which were accumulated during the move, in any Five Post Oak Park trash compactor or receptacle. Elimination of these items is the sole responsibility of the moving company.


Please do not hesitate to call the Building Office at 713 623 2705, if you have any questions. Your help and cooperation is greatly appreciated.




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